A rapid Invitees: The fresh new Torturous Curse out-of Puberty

Nearly five years in their purpose, Annie discusses the fresh whereabouts of your own Founding Titan in just one of the cites later in the day and you may finds Kenny Ackermann. Assured he’ll direct the woman towards real king of the Structure, Annie decides to follow him. Whenever Kenny finds out and you will face the girl about any of it, Annie tries to deceive him by the telling your one this woman is their a lot of time-shed daughter. Unproductive from inside the joking your, Annie attacks Kenny and you can flees on sewers.

The next nights, Annie participates a meeting with Reiner and Bertholdt. She tells Reiner one to Kenny could have viewed this lady face and you can that she will be unable to do just about anything in the Indoor MPs if he is there. She once more shows time for Marley in doing what they features gathered to date, but Reiner claims you to Marley are not satisfied with its advances shortly after five years. Reiner chooses to wreck Wall structure Flower to help you accelerate their purpose and tobacco from the Queen in the capital if you find yourself a mess would ensue within the Trost Section. Annie cards you to their package tend to destroy lots of their the family members in the 104th Cadet Corps, however, Reiner feedback so you’re able to this lady they are perhaps not household members and you will are merely Eldian devils. [9]


One year shortly after signing up for the latest Cadet Corps, Annie takes part in a team navigation take action within the a team provided of the Thomas Wagner. Area way into the get it done, the team observes its ODM knowledge got stolen. As a result, it automate its pace so you’re able to alert additional category. It get the other group in the midst of a conflict that have a group regarding theft. Annie and you can Mikasa ambush the latest thieves regarding a tree, handling so you’re able to disarm them, and you will help save the other classification. [18]

Inside the 849, Annie and Armin let Jean when you look at the trying to find a wild boar to aid in their prepare-out of facing Sasha. Despite leaving beforehand, Jean’s party end up completely shed, and you will come back blank-given. Afterwards, Jean ways the three of them try to inexpensive beef of an instructor, yet not Annie opts out, claiming profitable the group isn’t really worth the chance of getting trapped. [19]

The new Struggle getting Trost arch

Shortly after graduation, the fresh Colossal Titan looks when you look at the Trost Area and you can holiday breaks from the external gate, allowing Titans into urban area.

Despite the evacuation becoming accomplished, this new cadets are unable to return on account of not enough fuel and are left stuck, far to help you everybody’s despair. Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt mention what you should do second, but are disturbed by Mikasa, who asks him or her where Eren is. She actually is up coming surprised to listen to he, and additionally a lot of their squad, was purportedly slain within the competition. Seeking to keep her chill, Mikasa tries to amaze people with the step, with Annie while others rushing just after the woman to-arrive the latest Head office and you may replace the gasoline. [20] They fundamentally be able to make it, albeit with casualties. [21]

To the Assault Titan fending from all Titans attacking headquarters, Annie and others just be https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/allentown/ sure to get rid of the quick Titans into the. In the package, Conny and you may Sasha fail to eliminate its Titans, and you may Mikasa and you can Annie is forced to intervene and conserve them, which have Annie destroying the Titan you to definitely Conny try supposed to.

After the plan’s success, Annie, Reiner, Bertholdt, Mikasa, Armin, and you may Jean stay returning to take notice of the rampaging Titan. Since the Sheer Titans start to cannibalize the new Titan, Annie and you may Reiner believe they need to help it, stating that the Titan shall be leftover real time as it can serve as a powerful friend. They are silenced because of the eyes from Eren emerging in the Titan’s nape, discussing that he is in control of a Titan element. [21]

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