Specific article writers possess advised you to sexting is a modern exposure behavior you to definitely most likely correlates together with other chance routines

One of many general society off students, teens just who sext will be intimately productive ; concurrently, this has been noticed why these young adults also provide less understanding of its emotions and much more difficulties managing them .

Ergo, it could be interesting to investigate the newest defensive strategy utilized by kids and you will teenagers. In particular, it could be useful to take notice of the defensive steps employed by kids concerning the impaired usage of this new technologies with feel established in the past several years and so are now part of everyday life. In addition, given that sexting are a complicated trend, the fresh new literary works should research perhaps the accessibility this type of conclusion is actually associated with the specific defensive measures or behavioural/mental trouble.

2.step one. Professionals and Techniques

The newest try of introduce data consisted of Letter = 209 victims that have Letter = 132 female (63%) and you can Letter = 77 boys (37%); the brand new attempt years ranged regarding fourteen to twenty five years (Yards =18.8; SD = 3.55). I made a decision to utilize this age groups consistent with the definition from “the adolescence” formulated from the Sawyer and you may associates . Most of the victims done an online randomized survey due to Bing Variations shortly after discovering and you may recognizing informed concur details; regarding minors, the parents were permitted to engage. No information that is personal is questioned in the research, and you will privacy and confidentiality was in fact guaranteed.

dos.2.step one. Socio-Market Parameters

Decades, gender and you may sexual direction was basically asked from participants. Gender was coded while the a dummy adjustable (lady = 0; male = 1). Sexual orientation on it the next alternatives: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual and other.

2.2.dos. Sexting Conclusion Survey (SBQ)

To assess sexting routines, this new Sexting Choices Survey was used, which is a customized brand of new Sexting Conclusion Scale . Which questionnaire consists of 29 factors and you will discusses sexting habits within the around three sandwich-dimensions: researching, delivering and you will posting sexts with the social media indicating who’s the new subject of the sexts and whether or not sexts was indeed delivered otherwise published making use of their concur. In this unit, sexting behaviors are identified as “delivering or choosing sexually effective otherwise provocative messages/photos/films thru portable and/otherwise Facebook or other Sites social media site” and you will participants was tasked a score to every goods from just one in order to 5 (step 1 = never; 2 = barely or several times; step 3 = occasionally; 4 = often; 5 = seem to or everyday). In today’s study, this scale shown good internal surface, that have good Cronbach ? worth of 0.87.

dos.dos.step three. Sexting Reasons Questionnaire (SMQ)

Brand new Sexting Motives Survey was used determine the 3 motives getting delivering sexts. It is an excellent thirteen-items care about-statement level into the an effective 5-section Likert-particular measure away from 0 (never) so you can 4 (always). That it software Argentina brides agency tips the newest frequency regarding three sexting reasons: “sexual purposes” describes delivering sexts to possess sexual aims also it consists of five products. A sample item try: “Often I publish sexts to own flirting or connecting”; “instrumental/crazy intentions” is the use of sexting to have secondary seeks, unrelated to sex, such as for example sharing sexts in exchange for something, under some pressure/coercion or with harmful aim plus it consists of five issues. An example goods is actually: “Both We post sexts in order to hurt otherwise ruin individuals”). The final desire are “system image support” which enforce when discussing sexts getting confident feedback regarding the very own human anatomy therefore includes three things. An example items was: “Sometimes We posting sexts to test if I am attractive sufficient”. That it unit demonstrated a psychometric functions: Cronbach’s ? acquired try ? = 0.86.

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